Sunday, February 09, 2014

TV Mania Los Angeles

My latest music project is called TV Mania Los Angeles, and it's a five-part music video series, which you can watch here:

I think it's pretty well known that Duran Duran is my favorite band and biggest influence. TV Mania is a Duran Duran side project by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo, created in the mid-'90s but not released until 2013. As part of the release, of their album ("Bored with Prozac and the Internet?"), they created a "franchise" project, in which fans could create their own songs and music videos by mixing samples from the TV Mania album with their own material.

My five-part series incorporates elements from all 11 original TV Mania songs, although I don't actually use any samples. The instrumental music is 100 percent mine, while the vocals are reworkings of the singing and vocal samples from the original album. The five instrumental tracks I created will likely become a part of the next Autohypnosis album.

Three of my all-time favorite albums turn 10 this year